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Apian II

Apianus II




Meridians: Central meridian is straight. Other meridians are elliptical arcs equally spaced along the equator but not along other parallels.
Parallels: Straight lines, equally spaced along the central meridian.
Poles: Points.
Symmetry: Along the central meridian and the equator.


True only along the equator.


Moderate. Undistorted along equator. Away from the equator and central meridian, distortion is dominated by angular deformation.

Similar projections

This projection extends Apianus globular II from hemispheric to full world. Mollweide is also a 2:1 elliptical shape, but is equal-area, having parallels spaced differently.


As a hemisphere, the projection was presented by Peter Apian (Petrus Apianus or Peter Bienewitz) (1495–1552) of Saxony in 1524. This projection is a simple extension.

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