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Wagner VIII

Parameters: Variant




Meridians: Central meridian is straight and half the length of the equator. Other meridians are curves, concave toward the central meridian.
Parallels: Equator is straight. Other parallels are curves, concave toward the nearest pole.
Poles: Curved lines.
Symmetry: About the central meridian and the equator.


Scale is correct along central meridian and equator.


Free of distortion at 30°N/S on the central meridian. Distortion is low in the central region. Angular deformation dominates the map’s distortion.

Similar projections

Wagner VII is equal-area.
Aitoff-Wagner’s meridians are equally spaced along the equator, and parallels are equally spaced along the central meridian.
This projection can be considered a specialization of the generalized Wagner.


Presented by Karlheinz Wagner in 1949.

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