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Ginzburg V




Meridians: Central meridian is a straight line 60.8% as long as the equator. Other meridians are complex curves concave toward the central meridian.
Parallels: Complex curves convex toward the straight equator. Perpendicular to the central meridian and spaced evenly along it.
Poles: Curves.
Symmetry: About the central meridian and the equator.


Scale is correct along the central meridian.


Free of distortion nowhere. Distortion is largely in the form of angular deformation except for the polar regions, where distortion is high but balanced.

Similar projections

Ginzburg IV, V, VI, and 1966 all share a similar design plan.
Winkel tripel has straight lines for poles.


Georgiy Aleksandrovich Ginzburg, first known appearance in 1950.

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