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Hufnagel XII




Meridians: Complex curves. Central meridian is straight and 41% the length of the equator.
Parallels: Straight parallel lines.
Poles: Lines 85.4% the length of the equator.
Symmetry: About the central meridian and the equator.


Correct along the 27°20′N/S parallels.


Free of distortion only at 27°20′N/S on the central meridian.

Similar projections

Urmayev I in default configuration is a little taller and narrower.
Simple equal-area homotopy can be configured to similar proportions, but will have smoother meridians.


Presented by Herbert Hufnagel, 1989, who devised the base projection to be highly configurable while always yielding equal-area results. Hufnagel detailed many specializations of the base projection. This is one of those specializations, parameterized as follows:.
ψ[max]: 40°.
A: 0.
B: –1/9.
Aspect ratio: 1/2.44.

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