Hufnagel Equal-Area Pseudocylindrical Map Projection Family

In 1989, Herbert Hufnagel introduced a generalization of the Mollweide projection, resulting in a family of pseudocylindrical equal-area projections. The Mollweide, Eckert Ⅳ and Wagner Ⅳ projections are members of this family.
All projections are equal-area. Some parameter combinations create folding graticules.

Programming by Bernhard Jenny (Oregon State University and RMIT Melbourne), Bojan Šavrič (Oregon State University and Esri, Inc.) and Daniel "daan" Strebe (Mapthematics, LLC.). © Dec 2014–October 2015.

Length Ratio between Equator and Central Meridian
  1. Mollweide
  2. Eckert Ⅳ
  3. Eckert Ⅵ (approximate)
  4. Wagner Ⅳ
  5. Hufnagel Ⅱ
  6. Hufnagel Ⅲ
  7. Hufnagel Ⅳ
  8. Hufnagel Ⅶ
  9. Hufnagel Ⅸ
  10. Hufnagel Ⅹ
  11. Hufnagel Ⅺ
  12. Hufnagel Ⅻ
  13. Cylindrical Equal-Area
Graticule is folding.

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